There are many restaurants on La Palma, nevertheless I want to point on some "secret insider tip" concerning the restaurants.

Often I am asked about the typiical canarian kitchen which is not offered to the guests of the touristic villages on the coast. I will start with the restaurants in the northwest of the island, in Garafia. There because of the little amount of tourists the traditional kitchen got better preserved. Even though I prefer to eat fish near the coast! Probably because the fish tastes better at the ocean than on the mountain. I like to travel to the north where you still can eat like some travel guides announce for entire La Palma.

Kiosko de las Briestas, there you eat typically; approx. 8 km after Puntagorda in direction Roque de los Muchachos, which is at 1300 meters above sea level (put on warm clothes) , here is being cooked in home style and very tasty. The restaurant is big and with pleasure used from locals for family celebrations. As well it receives bigger groups.

El Bailadero, approx. 4 km further on the same street (LP-1) passing 200 meters the exit to the Roque de los Muchachos, there is the restaurant with the best baked goat cheese (my opinion) of the island. They have typical food, BBQ and other homemade dishes. Often in the evening they serve with the drinks some homemade potato crisps as a snack. They are very tasty and natural...

Restaurant El Bernegal in GarafíaEl Bernegal, another insider tip is the beautiful restaurant Bernegal in Santo Domingo, the main village of the municipality Garafía, in the street Calle Díaz y Suarez.The especially pretty house offers exclusive dishes and service to resonable prices. The right place to go after hiking tours and the visit of the ethnology museum Garafía!

Opening times:
Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday: 12:00 - 17:00h
Friday & Saturday: 12:00 - 17:00h and 19:00 - 22:00h

tel. 922 400 480 and 922 400 485 (reservation is required)

La Mata, a rustic restaurant, some hundred meters behind the archaeological parc La Zarza. You have to turn sharply right from the main street (at the sign La Mata, or rather restaurant), after 150 meters on the right side.
They have the "second most tasty" backed goat cheese of La Palma :-) Inside the small courtyard you can sit comfortable and eat palmerian specialties.Typically prepared meat dishes like goat meat or the traditional Potaje (Stew).

La Tasca in El CastilloDie Tasca in El Castillo, is a restaurant a bit different in the north of the island which since a few years is managed by germans. The food is special and especially tasty for La Palma!
They use almost exclusively local products which daily are provided fresh from the nearby agricultural operations or are bought on the farmers market in Puntagorda. From the sicillian beef fillet up to a vegan plate the kitchen offers something for each taste. Also you should put an eye on the homemade deserts, they are not just for the kids!

Restaurant Roque del FaroReyes in Roque Faro, even further up in the north or rather east on the main street.
The small village on the right side of the street appears like an enclave in the wilderness. The corresponding restaurant is worth seeing and is less wild you may assume. The service is very friendly and great. The menue is eager to please any wish, also for vegetarians. For them are offered special dishes and not just one of the other dishes without meat!
You know what are Chayotas? Here you will find out!

Travel groups like to have a break here because there is enough space for many people!


Another recomendation is the restaurant Orinoco, which is located in a ascending side street. Youn can not sit outside but you will findthe best food in Puerto Naos and also the have resonable prices!



Don't forget to enjoy one of the tasty coffees after your meal! Which one?

Café con leche = Milk coffee
Cortado natural = a small milk coffee
Cortado leche condensada = small milk coffee with sweetened milk
Cortado leche leche = small milk coffee with sweetened and natural milk
Baraquito = small milk coffee, sweetened milk, licor No. 43 (also without for drivers), cream and lime