Hire Car

Mietwagenverleih La PalmaWith our holiday houses we convey you the appropriate rental car. We mostly can get you any car, if you need a small one for 2 persons or a big one for groups up to 8 persons. On long terms we want to be able to offer you climate friendly electric cars which can be recharged at stations with solar power to make our contribution to the environment protection of La Palma.

We exclusively offer rental cars from local agencies!
It is very important for us to support the local market. Residencial rental car agencies not just generate jobs but also pay the taxes on place and buy their cars from local traders.
International rental car agencies can rent out cars for dumping price but don't invest any money into the island just as little as they generate jobs or are buying cars from local sellers.

The rental car will be a big help for you on La Palma to discover the island. But don't forget: You see the most beautiful things not from inside the car!

Our long-time partners offer the best service and rental cars, which will escort you reliably on La Palma!
The cars a rented out from a rental of 4 days!

Rental cars of the different groups and price categories:




1 Woche / 2 Wochen
Fiat Panda
Hyundai Atos
(5 doors, air condition, radio)
150,00 / 300,00 €
Citroen C1
(5 doors, air condition, radio/CD)
165,00 / 330,00 €
Fiat Punto
(5 doors, air condition, radio/CD)
170,00 / 340,00 €
Ford Fusion, Opel Corsa,
Citroën Nemo, Hyundai i20
(5 doors, air condition, radio/CD)
198,00 / 388,00 €

Renault Kangoo
(5 doors, ar condition, radio/CD)

210,00 / 420,00 €

For further types or prices for long term rental please ask!

The price includes taxes and fully comprehensive with deductible, there are no further costs or mileage allowance.
Child seats and bicycle rack are for free.

The rental car will be brought to the airport, the port (from 20 euro service charge at arrival after 8 pm) of La Palma or to your hotel and you can give it back at the same places. It is paid directly on place.