La Palma

La Palma

La Palma, the north western island of the canary islands is with 40 % existing forest the island with the most forest. The abundant laurel forest in the north est and the meagre vulcanic landscape in the south makes it diversified and interesting.
Hikers, nature lovers and sun worshippers are getting equally their money worth and will be enchanted from the unique charme of the canarian island La Palma. Also you can book a sailing trip which is an unforgetable experience. Mostly you are accompanied from dolphins and wales and you can explore coastlines of La Palma which are not to reach from the inside of the island.

At the Roque de los Muchachos, with 2426 meters hight the highest mountain of La Palma, scientist asked, because of the very clean air, to build the biggest star observatories of the northern hemisphere. Interesting are the two Cherenkov telescopes to measure the gamma rays and of course the GTC (Gran Telescopio Canarias) with a diameter of 10,40 meters.
On the way up you will be impressed by the different grades of vegetation.of the island La Palma. Cultural landscapes are alternating with banana plantations, viticulture, vineyards and avocado plantations, with orange cultivation, with wild canyons called Barrancos and abundant vegetation.

La Palma is a paradise for hikers and nature lovers. With an incomparable amount of endemic plants and herbs of different varieties they have a lot to explore. Organize some hiking tours which lead you through virgin forest, one of the biggest calderas of the world (10 km diameter) ,wild valleys or on the itinerary of the vulcanos - a very special hiking tour.
The cities and villages of La Palma with their friendly habitants invite to long walks and shopping trips. Don't miss the opportunity of the many different small restaurants of La Palma, which offer seafood and canarian delicacies like the tasty Mojos or the papas arrugadas.Aber auch die Städte und Dörfer von La Palma, mit ihren freundlichen Menschen, laden zu ausgedehnten Spaziergängen und Einkaufstouren ein.
Most of the holiday houses on La Palma are old renovated country houses which here are called Pajeros. This are houses with walls build out of black lava stones and the ceilings are constructed out of tea wood, the core wood of the canrarian pine tree.
On La Palma of course there are the beloved black sand beaches. Sun lovers will feel good on the green eastcost as well as on the sunny westside. There is also a nudist beach in Tazacorte.
Next to it there are several small beaches and bays where you can enjoy the ocean in peace. To explore and enjoy these is one of the special moments on this african island with european history.

With pleasure we give you information for a private boat trip which takes you to beaches which are only accessible by boat. There you can experience La Palmas rare animals and plants.
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