Museum on La Palma

La Palma ist zwar eine kleine Insel, hat dem Besucher aber erstaunlich viel zu bieten. So gibt es mittlerweile eine Vielzahl von Museen und Austellungen im Bereich Kunst, Kunsthandwerk, Musik, Agrikultur und Geschichte. Wir möchten Ihnen hier eine Auswahl präsentieren:

Museo Insular (museum about the island)

Location: Plaza San Francisco,3 38700 Santa Cruz de La Palma (Santa Cruz de Tenerife)
Opening times: Winter Mo. - Sa. 10am - 8 pm , Su. 10am - 2pm / Summer Mo. - Sa. 10am - 9:30pm / Sundays and national holidays closed

The Island museum in Sta. Cruz de La Palma is the most comprehensive one on the island. It implies exhibits to the art, nature history, archaelogy and local history. It is situated in the historical center of Sta. Cruz in the monestary of Francis at the beautiful Plaza San Franzisco.
Here it is reported about the agriculture, the settlement of the island, the indigeneous people and their everyday life. The tradition of the manufacture of silk, the weaving, the basket weaving, the instrument making and many more is in the focus of the museum which is a must do for all island visitors.

 Instituto de Astrofísica de CanariasThe astronomical observatory at the Roque de los Muchachos

Star observatory Roque de los Muchachos - La Palma
19 countries conduct the second big star observatory on the highest mountain of La Palma.

Just a few times in the year the observatory has an open house day. On the below mentioned website you can get further information and make an appointment for your next holiday on La Palma.

Informations you can get on the website:
Don't miss the opportunity to spend an astronomical evening in your holiday house! At the holiday houses Geranios, Abuelos, Nico and Ana you can get the telescopes without charge.
We also organize introduction into the use of the telescopes and the world of stars if enough guests are taking part.

Museo de la Seda Las Hilanderas

Museo de la Seda Las Hilanderas (Silkmuseum El Paso)

Location: Calle Manuel Taño 6, El Paso
Opening times: Mo. - Fr. 10am - 1pm

In the small museum in the center of El Paso shows descriptively the age of the silk obtaining and the processing in the 18th centuary.
The many planted mulberry trees which today are still in the surrounding of El Paso were food for the silkworm and gave the village a certain wealth.
Here you still can experiencehow to make silk foulards and accessories on a weaving loom. And of course the guest can take some souvenirs to take home or purchase clothes out of silk.

Archäologisches Museum in Los Llanos

Museo Arqueológico Benahoarita (Archaeological Museum Benahorita in Los Llanos)

Archaeological Museum Los Llanos
Location: Camino de Las Adelfas, Los Llanos de Aridane
Opening times: Tu. – Sa. 10am - 2pm and 5pm - 8pm

Here you can learn a lot about the history of the natives of La Palma, the Benahoritas (benahoare = my country).
The very different artefacts from the prehistoric time are exposed here like animal furs, tools, old ceramics, mummies and many more.

In this museum the family connections and the social fabric of the Guanchen with their rituals and gods are clearly explained.
The new museum in the upper center of the city Los Llanos, is characterized by it's futuristic appearance.

A must do for any visitor of La Palma who wants to learn something about the history and the lifestyle of the history and the lifestyle of the natives, the Guanches.

La Zarza

Parque Cultural La Zarza (visitors center)

Visitors center La Zarza - La Palma
Location: mainstreet Barlovento-Garafía, 1 km after the junction to San Antonio del Monte on the right
Opening times: Mo. – Sa. 10am – 6pm, Su. 10am – 3pm
Phone./Fax: 922 69 50 05

A small visitors center with large information about the life of the Guanches (Benahoritas). As well there is a multimedia show and the petroglyphs are presented.
The circular trail of half an hour takes you to several places with petroglyphs which were discovered in 1941.
In this place the hiking tour above the museum is very recommendable. The pedestrian underpass at the parking is the beginning of the hiking trail which is a circular trail to Don Pedro or can be used as even longer hiking tour almost to the coast. Please take a good hiking guide with you.

Prähistorisches Museum Belmaco

Parque Arqueológico de Belmaco (visitors center)

Visitors center Belmaco - La Palma
Location: Carretera del Hoyo de Mazo, 38730 Mazo, Str. Hoyo de Marzo, just after San Simón turn right
Opening times: Mo. – Sa. 10am – 6pm, Su. 10am –3pm
Phone./Fax: 922 430 625 / 922 440 090 Fax: 922 430 308

In 1752 were discovered the first stone engravings of the natives of La Palma

Here as well you can hike along the 10 ancient living caves and places with the typical stone engravings the Guanches were making.

Besucherzentrum El Paso

Parque Nacional Caldera de Taburiente – (Besucherzentrum)

Besucherzentrum Caldera - La Palma
Location: Ctra. Gral. de Padrón, 47 (Above of El Paso)
Opening times: daily from 9am - 2pm and 4pm – 6.30pm
Phone: 922 497 277 -400 / Fax: 922 497 081

The visitors center is waiting for you with a lot of information about the Caldera de Taburiente, it's flora, fauna and the interesting geology of the crater. You will find information brochures, hiking maps and much more to get to know better the Caldera.
Here also you can get the official permits to spend the night in the camping area of the Caldera.

Völkermuseum Garafia

Museum of ethnology in Villa de Garafía

Museum of ethnology in Garafia - La Palma
Location: Casa de la Cultura de Santo Domingo (Garafía)
Opening times: Mo. to Fr. 10am - 5pm, Sa. 10am - 2pm.
Phone: 922 400 029 / Fax: 922 400 000

In the museum of ethnology of Garafía you can find a lot of information about the tradition of the agriculture of La Palma as well as about the history and gastronomy of the island. Especially there are to discover many pictures of ancient times about life in Garafia.

Gofiomühle Las TriciasMuseo de Interpretación del Gofio (Gofiomuseum)

Location: Las Tricias, Buracas
Opening times: Mo. - Fr. 10am - 5pm, Sa. & Su. 10am - 3pm

2016 was opened the museum of Gofio in the middle of the dragontree valley in Buracas. The ancient renovated gofio mill shows with some exhibits, many pictures and descriptive words how at the time was produced the essential Gofio, the flour of toasted cereals. It is possible to see the restaured mecanic of the old mill and you can discover the simplicity of this well-thought-out system.

Museo de Plátano

Museo del Plátano (Banana museum)

Location: Camino San Antonio / El Charco (In the historical part above the church) Tazacorte
Opening times: Mo. - Fr. 10am - 1pm and 4pm – 7pm. In summer from 10am - 1:30pm and from 3pm - 7pm
Phone: 922 480 151

The banana museum in Tazacorte is located in an typical ancient 2 floor canarian house which is placed in the middle of a banana plantation. In Tazacorte are 25 % of the banana production of the island La Palma. Also there are the most sun hours of entire spain and this is why it makes sense to be situated here. Beside the history and the economically important meaning of the bananas (Neben der Geschichte und ökonomisch wichtigen Bedeutung der Bananane für La Palma, finden viele interessante Schautafeln und ein kleiner Schaugarten mit... richtig, Bananen.)
But also the cultivation of other subtropical cultural plants are mentioned shortly.